2020 ART Junior Years session 2 Eventbri

Anti-Racist Teaching in the Early Years is a two-part series that explores the role and responsibilities of an anti-racist educator. Educators are uniquely positioned to create positive change in the struggle against racism. In this two part series we will examine the role of the antiracist educator in creating more inclusive and equitable classrooms, explore ways of addressing issues of bias and discrimination, and share strategies of integrating an anti-racist teaching approach to increase student achievement for underserved students.

This webinar series will be delivered via Zoom videoconferencing. Attendees will be emailed the link to the Zoom meeting several hours before the start of each webinar in order to maintain a secure online space. Captioning will be used during the webinars for accessibility. Due to the emotional nature of the subject material, a dedicated support person will be available during the webinar. If you have accesibility needs, please contact us directly.


Attendance at both webinars is recommended but not mandatory as the subject material builds on previous sessions.