Meghan, Chair

Meghan Wills is a Mindfulness Coach, human resources Professional and Diversity Champion offering intersectional wellness and diversity in everything she does. Her passion for inclusion and equity stems from her continued experiences as a Biracial Black Canadian Woman with a Jamaican heritage. Meghan believes compassion is the key to self-acceptance. By accepting ourselves, we can accept others, and this encourages peace, inward and out.

Mante, Board Director

Mante is a parent, advocate and lawyer focussing on anti-discrimination in the education system. She writes and speaks on issues related to diversity, inclusion and discrimination in schools. In 2018, Mante was recognized as Canada's 100 Accomplished Black Women for her work advocating for diverse and inclusive schools

We founded Parents for Diversity to encourage schools, parents and children to think more critically about diversity and inclusion. My children were experiencing racism from some of their class mates but the school was not taking the proper steps to address the root causes of these problems. I believe children should have the opportunity to thrive in their school environments, and this requires educators, parents and the school system to work collectively to understand discrimination and bias and to take proactive steps to address these problems.

Julia, Secretary

Julia was born in Ottawa and raised in Vancouver. A lawyer by training, Julia is a policy analyst in the federal government where she worked on human rights, criminal law, health policy, and foreign policy. She is also a mother of two children she is raising in Gatineau, Quebec.


I wish there had been an organization like P4D when I first began interacting with daycares and schools. In my child's first year at school, a racial incident occurred, and I found that the teacher dealt with it in a problematic manner. I felt similarly when I found racist imagery in a book that came home from school. Having an organization like P4D to turn to for advice would have been invaluable for me at that time. Alone, it was overwhelming to confront big educational systems and I did not want to anger the people taking care of my children. It is really through coming together with other parents that I began to feel the confidence to address these issues and proactively encourage our schools to do better.”

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Kahmaria, Board Director

Kahmaria is the parent of two teenagers, a certified teacher and Founder of Onyxstasia African Diaspora Productions. She is passionate about preserving African culture, particularly in the education system to create empathy, awareness and the self-actualization of all students.

I believe equity through diversity is the key to authentic learning environments and thriving community partnerships.”

Mohamed, Treasurer

Mohamed was born and raised in Conakry, Guinea. Later, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia for university, where he lived and worked for 11 years. After completing graduate school in 2012, Mohamed and his wife moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 2014. They have three kids, currently reside in Gatineau, Quebec. Mohamed is passionate about issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

I am convinced that a more inclusive environment is essential to ensure a better society.” 

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Amber, Board Director

Amber is a parent and immigrant to Canada from the United States.  A veterinary ophthalmologist by training and a former university professor, she brings an evidence-based approach to her advocacy work.

"I passionately support P4D's mission.  As a white woman, I know that my family benefits from existing structural inequities in educational settings like schools that advantage my children while disadvantaging others.  We have a responsibility to replace this system with one rooted in equity and justice, because every child has a right to an education free from discrimination.”

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We are a collective of parents committed to achieving inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environments that allow children to fulfill their true potential in this world. We advocate for schools and families to promote diversity and inclusion and to take meaningful steps to address and eradicate discrimination and bias.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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